Cat Netting - Fence Extensions - Quality Strong Steel - Powder Coated Finish

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We have a range of cat net installation accessories to make your cat enclosure, easy to install and look great all year round. We have just brought in some great fence extensions, with their quality properties listed below.

Fence Extensions come with some great features. Listed below are some great features:

High Quality - Strong Galvanised Steel and a beautiful Powdercoated Black finish, which will make your outdoor area shine and your enclosure stand out from the rest
900mm - vertical - w/- 650mm - angled extension
Soft Plastic Capping at the end
Two Pre-Drilled holes for fence attachment
Two Pre-Drilled holes for wire to pass through parallel to the fence to maintain net tautness and keep your cats safe this season
Fence extensions come with two Self-Tightening Eyelet Screws to allow for attachment of a turnbuckle at the end of each run of wire. We can also supply turnbuckles and other cat net installation equipment for you