5 x Crab Nets 90cm Pro Stainless Steel - Luminous Eye - Mesh Bottom - Minimum Quantity Order 5

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High Quality Stainless Steel Crab Traps available in 90cm from Diamond Networks, now with our Luminous Eye Technology. We stock one of the largest ranges of crab nets in Australia and our nets are some of the best quality materials and construction, for a great price. Our 90cm Crab Nets are one of the largest and best crab nets you will find in Western Australia.

Diamond Networks stocks the largest selection of Crab traps in Perth. Your options are as varied as are their prices.

Our latest innovation is to produce drop nets with a Centre Patched Lum netting. Luminescence is well known for its ability to setup areas of food chain activity – representative of plankton at the smaller end of things to the larger end of roaming predators such as crustaceans and fish.

Stop by and view what we have to offer – from our very Successful Trademarked “Butterfly net” with purses the crab to our newest innovation – Glow Eye Drop Nets! 

DIAMOND NETWORKS – Better Nets - Better Catch!

Minimum Quantity Order 5 - Price is for a set of 5, If you need varying quantities please contact us and we can process any specific order requests.